Pelle the conqueror
Asta Film was established in 2002 by Per Holst. Since the birth of Asta Film we have developed and produced high end art house features. Per Holst has as producer a vast knowledge of the industry with more than 50 years of experience, where Per Holst has won prestigious awards, such as an Academy award for best foreign feature " Pelle the conqueror" by Bille August , Golden Globe and The Palme D´or for the same film and among many other awards he has obtained, he was nominated for an Oscar for Bo Widerbergs " All things Fair".

Asta Film has produced the critically acclaimed " Brotherhood" by Nicolo Donato, which won the Grand Prize at the International Film Festival in Rome in 2009. Asta Film´s latest production " Max Embarrassing goes to the Festival " won the Danish Audiance Award 2012.

Asta Film and Per Holst hold a unique ability to discover and develop new talent. Per Holst has played an essential part in the development of the following directors; Lars Von Trier, Bille August, Niels Malmros, Jonas Elmer and Lotte Svendsen.